Floral Wall Installation using premium preserved hydrangea.

Measures: 1.0mtrs long x 0.5mtrs wide (approximately). 

Weight: 0.2kg. 

Colours: Availble in a number of different colours - blues, greys, pinks, purples, mustard and natural tones. 

Hanging Options: Vertical or on an angle. 

Hanging Method:  All you need is a wall hook that takes a weight of 0.2kg or more. The wall hook type will depend if you have a brick wall or Gyprock wall. Hanging instructions are provided with your artwork.

Please note, all pieces are one of a kind. 

Please allow 7 days from time of purchase.

These pieces are currently only available in WA. 

Hydrangea Clouds

  • This artwork has been designed as an inside product, do not hang outside or in the wind. 
    Do not hang in direct sunlight, preserved and dried florals will fade over time if in direct sunlight. 
    Preserved and dried florals are fragile and must be handled with care. 
    If dusting of the artwork is required, use a pastry brush and very gently brush over the flowers and foliage.